Training and Capacity Building

Participants discuss how to move towards a more sustainable transport (photo by TCC).Capacity building is one of the core activities of GIZ technical cooperation projects. For TCC; training and capacity building does not only include the development of training courses but also the fostering of knowledge exchange between policy makers and researchers in the region and beyond.

We are working in close cooperation with our partners to provide them with the training courses which are based on their needs and requirements. We will strengthen local and national capacities not only by delivering training courses, but also through training-of-trainers and institutionalisation of the training courses within the region to further ensure the sustainability of our activities. In order to do so, the project will collaborate with regional and national institutions on the course development and all its elements. The project follows the principles of the UN train-X methodology.

All future training materials will be available for download on our website. The project regularly organises different workshops with training elements which strengthen the exchange between policy makers of different ASEAN countries. Likewise, the project focuses on including universities and research institutes which concentrate on sustainable transport topics to offer them to make their valuable input available in discussions and conferences.

Please see below for reports on recent training activities and conferences.


Mr. Papondhanai Nanthachatchavankul