Green Freight and Logistics

Trade and the movement of goods continue to grow across the ASEAN Region along with increasing economic integration. At the same time, cleaner, more energy-efficient freight transport is becoming ever more important as governments and companies around the world and in the ASEAN region have committed to Sustainable Development Goals and to lower greenhouse gas emissions. The concept of Green freight and logistics promotes technologies, policies and practices for the freight sector to help cut costs and benefit the environment. In recognition of freight transport’s environmental side effects, a number of green freight initiatives have developed around the ASEAN region in recent years. The topic has arrived on the agenda of governments and ASEAN’s Transport Strategic Plan 2016-2025 also calls for action at regional and national level.

The term Green Freight can be explained by:


To facilitate the shift to green freight, the TCC is pursuing:

  • Training, support and expertise to

1) increase fuel efficiency in freight transport SMEs (including drivers’ and others’ training)

2) improving the safety of dangerous goods transport

3) promote green freight labelling and other policy approaches

  • Collection of data to filter out the main drivers of inefficiency.
  • TCC is organising workshops and events to create awareness about the enormous economic, environmental and social potential of reforming the freight sector.



Mr. Friedel Sehlleier