At the ASEAN level, TCC advises and supports the implementation of the Kuala Lumpur Transport Strategic Plan 2016-2025 (KLTSP). Input and support for the development of this plan — which includes a specific chapter on sustainable transport for the first time — was given during the first phase of the project.

The project regularly participates in relevant ASEAN working groups such as the Land Transport Working Group and the Transport Facilitation Working Group to update and inform on project activities.

As part of the project agreement, TCC´s main beneficiary countries are Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Other ASEAN countries benefit through regional products and participation in regional platform meetings and other conferences.

The activities on a regional level focus on the implementation of specific sustainable transport goals of the KLTSP, namely:

  • Sustainable Transport Goal (ST) 1.1: Intensify regional cooperation in the development of sustainable transport-related policies and strategies.
  • ST 1.3: Initiate and support to the development and implementation of fuel economy policies and standard as well as policies towards cleaner fuels and vehicles and vessels
  • ST 1.4: Develop a regional framework towards green and efficient freight and logistics in order to support ASEAN Member States in implementing respective policies.
  • ST 2.3: Develop monitoring framework and harmonised approach for indicators on energy and GHG emission in the transport sector.
  • ST 3.1: Strengthen sustainable transport education and training through greater networking with training centres, educational institutions and expert institutions

The work and activities on national level are linked with the support on regional level and vice versa.

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