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The ASEAN Regional Strategy on Sustainable Land Transport (ARSSLT)

The ASEAN Regional Strategy on Sustainable Land Transport (ARSSLT)

In order to make ASEAN transport systems more sustainable and energy-efficient, the ASEAN Expert Group on Sustainable Land Transport (EGSLT) developed the ASEAN Regional Strategy on Sustainable Land Transport (ARSSLT), which was formally adopted by the 10 ASEAN Transport Ministers in late 2018. The strategy is a supplemental framework to the ASEAN Kuala Lumpur Transport Strategic Plan 2016-2025 (KLTSP) as it sets the direction for actions and milestones in the KLTSP, in particular those in the Sustainable Transport chapter.

The ARSSLT can be used as a guide for national and regional policymakers within the transport, energy, and environment sectors to advance sustainable transport in each AMS and in ASEAN as a region within the timeframe of 2018 to 2025 and even with a longer view up to 2030.

  • National level: provides 16 recommended elements for national action plans on SLT categorised into 3: overarching framework, ST policy domains, crosscutting and enabling actions
  • Regional level: provides 12 recommended actions: 6 on ST policy domains (Avoid Shift Improve strategies) and 6 on enabling actions

By implementing the regional strategy, it is envisioned that “ASEAN advances towards a transport system that is equitable, efficient, safe and clean, which is in line with global sustainable development and climate change objectives, and provides access to opportunities as well as fosters regional inclusive growth and development.”

You can download the strategy from the ASEAN homepage:

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