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12 future trainers from 4 ASEAN countries trained on MRV for Transport – TCC reaches the next step in the role out of its innovative MRV training

July 2018, Thailand – Transport professionals from TCC partner government agencies from Viet Nam, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines came together from 23rd to 26th July 2018 to participate in the Training of Trainers Course at the Climate Change International Technical and Training Centre (CITC) of the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO) in Bangkok.

The Training of Trainers (ToT) was designed to train transport professionals appointed to later on deliver the MRV training in their respective countries and provided the necessary didactic, pedagogic and methodical skills needed to deliver the innovative and interactive training approach. During the 4 day ToT, the future trainers practiced all three modules of the training, namely Introduction to Transport and Climate Change, Basics of Transport Data and GHG Emissions as well as Advance Monitoring of Transport Policies. They were guided by expert on didactics and training development Michael Zillig, and course developers Papondhanai Nanthachatchavankul and Vorathep Songpanya.

With the Training of Trainers, TCC came one step closer to its final objective of having a regional training on MRV for transport policy makers in place. MRV stands for “Measuring, Reporting and Verification” and is an approach for monitoring greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. It is essential for accurately planning and evaluating actions to mitigate GHG emissions. MRV is also vital for the emission inventories and update reports which countries have to submit to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in regular intervals. The 4.5-day training course, to be established in each partner country, is meant to teach government officials and transport professionals why monitoring GHG emissions in transport is important, what are the basic calculation steps and how to apply them. At the end of the training the participants are able to include complex climate change themes in the rational for sustainable transport policies, evaluate their statistical systems on their readiness to provide data and outline key elements for assessing impacts of mitigation actions.

As a next step, the MRV for Sustainable Transport training are scheduled at the affiliated partner’s training centres in Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam. Mr. Papondhanai Nanthachatchavankul will lead the training assisted by the trainers attended the ToT.

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