2/3 Wheelers

TCC Supported Development of Standard for Electric Vehicles in the Range of 25 – 50 km/h

April 2018, Malaysia – Malaysia is among the first within the ASEAN countries to approve standards related to electric two-wheelers.

Recently, Malaysia approved the Malaysian Standard (MS) 2688 for “Electric Mopeds (Light Electric Vehicles)” with speed in the range of 25 – 50 km/h. A similar standard approved was MS 2413, for Electric Motorcycles above 50 km/h in 2015. These standards cover safety, performance and national standard compliance issues.

Supported by the GIZ Energy Efficiency and Climate Change Mitigation in the Land Transport Sector in the ASEAN Region (Transport and Climate Change) project, the MS 2688 for Electric Mopeds was developed in 2017. The standard development was made possible by the Working Group on Electric Motorcycles, under the authority of the Industry Standards Committee on Transport, Malaysia.

The MS 2688 was expanded from the initial two-wheelers category to serve the 2, 3 and 4 wheeled category vehicles within the 25 – 50 km/h range, as specified in the “Guidelines for Vehicle Type Approval VTA” by the Road Transport Department Malaysia. The standard shall serve as the measure for further development of related regulation by the enforcement agencies.

The light electric vehicle category is important for Malaysia as it contributes to zero tail-pipe carbon emissions and promotes energy efficient mode of transport. Additionally, it also supports the vision of achieving 85% Energy Efficient Vehicles (EEV) target by 2020 as outlined in the national Green Technology Master Plan.

For more details, please visit us at https://www.transportandclimatechange.org, or preview the document here.

If you are interested, the MS Standard 2688 can be purchased at MYR 60. Please visit http://www.msonline.gov.my/catalog.php and type “MS 2688”at the Find tab.