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ASEAN Region Continues Discussions on Regionally Harmonised Transport Indicators and Capacity Building Needs

Manila, Philippines, 29 November 2017 – Following previous workshops on the development of an ASEAN-wide harmonised approach for indicators on energy efficiency and GHG emissions in the transport sector, experts and representatives from all 10 ASEAN member states and the ASEAN Secretariat met in Manila for the 4th Regional Workshop on Sustainable Transport Indicators.

This 4th workshop offered participants an opportunity to share insights from the first draft of the regional guidelines on sustainable transport indicators on energy efficiency and GHG emissions in the transport sector which took into account the results and discussions from the 3rd workshop. The guidelines are a critical activity identified in ASEAN’s Kuala Lumpur Transport Strategic Plan 2016—2025 (KLTSP). Implementation of sustainable transport activities under the KLTSP is led by the ASEAN Expert Group on Sustainable Land Transport (EGSLT) and is supported by the Transport & Climate Change Project (TCC).

Mr. Alvin Mejia, transport expert and consultant to TCC, introduced the first full draft of the guidelines to the participants. The guidelines will among other items include factsheets for each of the indicators with detailed explanations and guidance on how to collect, calculate, and report the indicators. The guidelines will be finalised within 2018.

Building upon the first full draft of the guidelines, the workshop discussed possible implementation mechanisms to generate ideas and raise awareness of how data collection can be implemented on a national and regional level. Participants agreed that focal entities on national as well as regional level need to be set up given the need for coordination among different ministries. It was also highlighted that the guidelines do not aim at setting up yet another initiative, but should rather help to harmonise and feed into approaches that already exist such as NDC reporting and upcoming reporting to track progress on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

A so-called “Sneak Preview” session on a “Data, Indicators and MRV Training” which is currently being developed by various GIZ transport projects was then presented by TCC Regional Project Manager Mr. Papondhanai Nanthachatchavankul. The session included interactive elements to strengthen the understanding of how to use the indicators and also explained how to calculate personal vehicle-kilometres travelled to emphasise that data generation and collection is not as complicated as it is often perceived. Participants provided feedback on the different modules of the training, which will help to finalise it.

For more information, please view the workshop presentations. A detailed workshop report is available for download here.

Workshop presentations: