Fuel Efficiency

New Factsheet Released on Fuel Economy in Thailand

Since fuel economy policy is considered — on both an ASEAN and national level — as an effective policy tool to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from the land transport sector, OTP and the ASEAN-German technical cooperation Transport and Climate Change Project (TCC) have closely worked together on moving forward fuel economy policy in Thailand. To this end, OTP and TCC have conducted a study on “Fuel efficiency policy in the land transport sector in Thailand: Data, policy and analysis.”

The study aims to improve understanding of fuel efficiency policies of passenger cars and motorcycles in Thailand in order to facilitate communication with policymakers, industry, and researchers to create a common understanding among stakeholders. The study contains initial data and analytical results on the average fuel consumption of passenger light duty vehicles and motorcycles as well as a gap analysis on the current status of fuel efficiency policies in Thailand. These results are important first steps for fuel economy improvements in Thailand, in line with national objectives, and are subsequently communicated and illustrated in the newly released info-graphic for better dissemination.

The Executive Summary of the first phase report is also available here.

The full report will be available shortly.